76-82 Botany Road, Alexandria, Sydney 2015

Thursday, 27 February 2020


The event will be recorded and available online

Les-Talk about Lesbians


Les-talk Lesbians and female sexuality. While we celebrate the progress that women and the LGBTQ+ community have achieved in the last decade, there is still much to be done. Female sexuality is complex and we are lucky to have invited guests who have very unique stories of their own journey in their sexuality but also differing views on some contentious topics at hand. While being prominent individuals in the community, their views may not be agreeable to all and we encourage you to come and hear them out, disagree or agree, raise questions that cannot be dismissed. 


Dana Pham is a Sydney-based blogger on, and is considered a top LGBTQ writer on the platform. She is a lesbian trans woman who describes her social and political views as conservative libertarian (Conservatarian). She uses her blog to write freely and honestly about politics, religion, society, culture and mental health. She doesn't intend to be controversial for controversy's sake, but likes to tell the truth, even if it’s controversial. She enjoys people challenging her ideas, and is on a mission to break the vicious cycle of modern socio-political polarisation, bit by bit. To this end, she believes that blogging and responding to blogs will pave the path for who we will become. Follow her blog at

Rain Dove (afab) is the androgynous/agender model who has been in many magazines like W, Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, Cosmo, etc. They have created several viral campaigns including a lingerie shoot challenging Victoria Secrets’ beauty standards which reached over 35 countries. They are also known for their humanitarian action and message of positivity on their social media.

See them march in the Parade on Saturday!

Arielle Scarcella is a Lesbian Youtube Content Creator who uses her channel to focus on LGBTQ+ content and issues. Her videos tend to lean towards female sexuality and empowerment, bringing on guests from all sides of the LGBTQ+ community to give them a platform to share their experiences with her audience. 

She is most recently known for her departure from the 'progressive left'. 


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