Frequently asked questions

I don't identify as a Lesbian, can I still come?

Absolutely! While our event targets Lesbian focused issues and discussions, we encourage everybody to come along to listen, learn, ask questions and contribute wherever you can. If you are still questioning and unsure where you lean on your sexuality, this is the perfect forum to talk to others. Even if it doesn't result in you making a decision (which you never have to do until you are ready), you can at the very least, gain some insight into what the community is like on the L side of things.

Is this an 18+ event or all age?

The event is for all ages! 

How can I participate in the discussion?

Go to on your phone and key in our event code on the night. You can ask questions or leave a comment for the guests. Our host will monitor and choose questions coming through on the night. If you are our VIP ticket holder, you can continue discussions in private with our guests and each other in our VIP area after the show. 

Can I come alone to this event?

Of course! Doors open at 7 PM where you can come in and have a drink or chat with other attendees, our staff and crew. We aim to make everyone feel as comfortable and included as possible. If you have any concerns on the night, just find one of our staff (wearing a blue SQ Entertainment lanyard).

If you have any questions that we have not answered here or something more specific to you, please contact us via our Contact Page.


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